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belloo dog waste bins for a cleaner environment

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It is not just the fact that it is annoying to step in dog waste; it may also be a disease carrier. The contact with dog waste can cause infections with nematodes and other parasites. This aspect is not only an issue with regard to children’s playgrounds and inner-city lakes; dogs may also infect each other by the contact with dog waste.

The initiative to take steps against dog waste mostly comes from residents that feel disturbed by the waste of our four-legged friends. Therefore, it is necessary to tackle the problem on the basis of a solid preparation together with the population – especially with the dog owners. We, the practica team, not only develop the necessary dog toilets, but also accompany your town / municipality from project planning up to a dog-waste-free environment. Due to many years of experience, we are able to give you competent and useful advice in any phase of planning.

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The model of success, which has been established in the last 30 years in Switzerland, is the following: Towns/ municipalities provide dog owners with free bags for dog waste disposal. These bags are placed in so-called dog toilets (bag dispensers), which are installed in public places, parks and walking paths. In order to guarantee success of the model, it is essential that dog owners are informed about the handling and the location of the dog toilets. It is equally important to install the bag dispensers as well as the waste bins extensively and in the right places. A dog owner will be able to tell you precisely where these places are. Our belloo dog toilets and dog waste bags have been developed to exactly meet the requirements of dog owners as well as the practical local benefit. Therefore, when developing, we work closely together with our clients.

Conclusion: with „belloo“ there are only winners

  • dog owners obtain dog waste bags for free
  • the personnel in charge for the care and maintenance of green areas is being relieved
  • complaints by angry citizens at the public order office will stop
  • corresponding conflicts between fellow citizens are being alleviated
  • the positive aspects let you forget about the infrastructure costs
  • your town / municipality is kept clean from dog waste and becomes a model for other towns and municipalities
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